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... what if your brand could get a top-notch advertising campaign? 

Do you need to create a high-level ADV campaign?

SAVE up to 70% with shared productions


Do you want to enhance the image of your Brand?

We have a team of high-level PROFESSIONALS!


Tired of the usual locations for your services?

We bring your Brand in EXCLUSIVE LOCATIONS!


Do you need a lot of content for your social networks?

We create STORYTELLING photo video services, for a social planning of over 3 months!


What is a shared production?

A shared production is a photo video service in which multiple brands participate by dividing the production costs.

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Tutti i video

Tutti i video

Tutti i video
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Video social adv Emma White | Tuscany

Video social adv Emma White | Tuscany

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Video social adv Maya Fashion | Versilia

Video social adv Maya Fashion | Versilia

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Fashion Video adv | Milano

Fashion Video adv | Milano

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The Route Production project was born from the idea of two photographers, two friends, Leonardo Bigagli and Lorenzo Michelini.


In the last decade, with the advent of social media, the world of visual communication has undergone epochal changes and clients needs have radically changed.

To help companies adapt to this new communication strategy, we have built a team and designed a system to reinforce communication on social / web channels, creating photo/video content at affordable costs.


We democratized advertising campaigns allowing all brands to be able to"dream big"



Riding the new mood of the sharing economy, we have created a model of shared productions between companies from different product sectors: clothing, bags, eyewear, jewelry, shoes, etc.  

The idea lies in proposing already “packaged” projects, so that clients can decide to be part of it and to what extent by choosing the package that best suits their needs of the moment and their budget.

We can thus offer high quality content, spreading production costs among the various partners participating in the project.


We work only with selected professionals, hair / make up artists, models / or influencers.  

We study the project by creating defined moodboards to create content with attention to every detail.


Together we can achieve great goals, exceed the best expectations, and aim for quality, thus restoring an international flavor to the contents of your company and raising the perception of your brand.

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